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a collection of fan-created cover designs for john green's novels
looking for alaska | an abundance of katherines | paper towns
let it snow | will grayson, will grayson | zombicorns | the fault in our stars

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So, I missed the Abundance of Katherines cover contest because I was too busy having a nervous breakdown and stuff, but I decided it was finally time to post my Paper Towns cover to the internet. I’m really proud of this, although I think it could be made better if I had the resources to take/get a proper photo of a grass cross-section instead of trying to slam some disparate images together (you can tell if you look even half-hard). Also I don’t think the grass tips are quite right (I had to shorten them and I didn’t do it perfectly). But outside of that…I like it, and wish Penguin would do a contest for Paper Towns so I could submit it!

P.S. if you take away my credit from this I WILL COME AT YOU. 

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